Is There A Message For YOU?

Saturday Oct 29th 7pm EST

Please note that ticket sales close 30-minutes prior to event
During this 2+ hour GROUP Session you will experience...
Blair will read for as many people as time/spirits will allow during this 2+ hour group session.

The focus of the session is demonstrating that love never dies by bringing messages from deceased loved ones to random attendees.

While not everyone is guaranteed a message from a deceased loved one, experiencing others messages and validations prove that love never dies.
Blair will also take time to answer questions from random attendees. Often surprising healings come from these spiritual teachings...
Substantially less than an in-person event, you'll experience a group session from the comfort of your own home!
Registration is per DEVICE: Although sharing login details is forbidden, you can have as many people watch on ONE device as you like. We have had entire families experience readings during Blair's events!
Zoom Meeting: Currently the world's leading software for online meetings and webinars, it is an easy app to install and use.

Blair Robertson

Blair Robertson is a best-selling author and widely considered to be one of North America's top spiritual mediums.

While he takes his subject matter very seriously, he does not take himself seriously, making for fun and incredible healing sessions.

Experience 2+ hours of Blair Robertson's Healing Spirit Messages that demonstrate that love never dies.

Only $19.99US per household. As many family members may attend on one device.

Please note: attending does not guarantee a reading. (If you wish a guaranteed reading, please consider Blair's 10-person healing circles).

Sorry, but there are absolutely no refunds or exchanges for any reason.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER Please be advised that consultations cannot predict, forecast , diagnose or provide information with absolute certainty. No guarantees or assurances of any kind are given and Blair Robertson will not be held accountable for any interpretations or decisions made by recipients based on information provided during consultations. While not everyone is guaranteed a message, there are no guarantees as to whom specifically will come through. For entertainment purposes only. For legal, financial or medical concerns, please consult with a lawyer, accountant or physician. Event may be recorded. Purchasers/attendees agree to TOS and PRIVACY agreements.