Blair Robertson's
Evening of Spirit Connections

Find peace and healing by connecting with your loved one!
Blair's events go a minimum of two hours PLUS.

The focus of the session is demonstrating that love never dies by bringing messages from deceased loved ones to random attendees.

Our online events are held via Zoom, the world's leading software for online meetings and webinars. It is an easy app to install and use.

Blair Robertson

Blair Robertson is a best-selling author and widely considered to be one of North America's top spiritual mediums.

While he takes his subject matter very seriously, he does not take himself seriously, making for fun and incredible healing sessions.

Online Group Sessions
$19.99 per device
Blair's online group sessions are substantially less than an in-person event, and registration is per device. Although sharing login details is forbidden, multiple people may watch on a single device.
Online Healing Circles
$249 per person
Blair's online healing circles are limited to just 10-paid attendees in total, with EVERYONE guaranteed a reading and attention from Blair. Meetings are private, and recording is prohibited.

THURSDAY, JULY 18 2024 @ 7pm EST
Online Group Reading


TUESDAY JULY 23, 2024 @ 7pm EST
Online Healing Circle


THURSDAY, JULY 25 2024 @ 7pm EST
Online Group Reading


TUESDAY August 27, 2024 @ 7pm EST
Online Healing Circle


SATURDAY, AUG 3 2024 @ 7pm EST
Online Group Reading


WEDNESDAY August 28, 2024 @ 7pm EST
Online Healing Circle

This was so validating and healing Blair. I loved every second of my reading! My mom has sense sent me the “taste” of strawberry (her favorite) and this has happened a few times. What you do is PRICELESS. #loveneverdies

- Beth S

LIVE online from the comfort of your own home!
You've heard him on the radio, you've seen him on Fox News, ABC, Discovery Channel, and more...

Join Spirit Medium Blair Robertson for an intimate evening of mediumship and connections with your loved ones.

During the first part of the event, Blair will give a brief talk on mediumship connections and the spirit world.

Next, Blair will "open the window" to the other side and bring messages to a variety of people in attendance.
 A Note from Blair 
I encountered my first spiritual connection just before I turned 14. While walking home one evening from a part- time job, I saw a purple haze forming in front of me and the face of my grandmother appeared. Her smile, no longer twisted from a stroke she suffered many years earlier, radiated a sense of calm and peace. At that moment I knew she had passed away. Although I was aware of the spiritual world, this was my first contact with my own deceased loved one and validation that there is “life” afterlife.
Today, my goal is twofold:
  1. To demonstrate that love never dies, and
  2. To help you be more, do more and have more spiritually.

If you are seeking spiritual development, enjoying life to the fullest, connecting with your spirit guides… and generally wanting to be MORE, do MORE and have MORE… you are going to love my events.

That's because spirit has given me the gift of simplification: I take the complicated stuff and make it simple to understand.

I'm known for being direct and blunt. My mantra is simple: I take my subject matter very seriously, but I don't take myself too seriously.
I love to have fun. I'm decidedly different than most other psychic mediums and spiritual advisors. For example, my live mediumship events are often filled with laughter, fun and amazing spirit connections… because spirit is full of love and light, opening the door to this allows it to be joyful.
Blair gave me a message from my mom who had been gone over 30 yrs.. To say the least, I was shocked & amazed.. he told me things only my mom & i would know...he's the real deal. Proof, love never dies.

- Cindy R

Another amazing series of messages for loved ones! Again you wow the group with your gift. I know everyone had a night they will never forget.

- Janet W

One of my closest friends has a feeling of peace because Blair confirmed something for her. She now knows that her sister is in a good place. Thank you, we all walked away with something tonight.

- Jennifer J

Blair's Zoom Group Readings have brought me peace and joy. I know that my deceased loved ones are still alive and happy, and I no longer wallow in grief and self-pity.

- Darlene M

What an amazing evening. The connection with my husband through the mediation was so profound and so healing

- Susan B

Blair is amazing and totally no BS. I’ve been to many online readings and did one of his healing circles and connected with my dad who passed this last September. I really needed that and he came through. He won’t disappoint!

- Karri S

I was stuck for several years, then I found Blair and he showed me how to heal. People need to join the zoom groups to see the pain turn to joy!

- Nancy W

LEGAL DISCLAIMER Please be advised that consultations cannot predict, forecast , diagnose or provide information with absolute certainty. No guarantees or assurances of any kind are given and Blair Robertson will not be held accountable for any interpretations or decisions made by recipients based on information provided during consultations. While not everyone is guaranteed a message, there are no guarantees as to whom specifically will come through. For entertainment purposes only. For legal, financial or medical concerns, please consult with a lawyer, accountant or physician. Event may be recorded. Purchasers/attendees agree to TOS and PRIVACY agreements.